Atchoo 0.72: Atchoo is a simple yet elegant application providing desktop notifications for G

Atchoo 0.72

Atchoo is an useful little application that gives you Outlook style reminders for Google Calendar. It can connect to one of your Google calendars and remind you of the upcoming events - you can choose wither to snooze or to dismiss an event. You can also create events using Quick Add.

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Desktop Icon Toy 4.7: Small tool to dance desktop icon, arrange icon, lock icon, hide icon text...

Desktop Icon Toy 4.7

Desktop Icons or Icon Texts on Demand With Desktop Icon Toy, your desktop icons or icon texts could be always hidden. And only would be shown when you really need them (like click desktop, mouse over desktop or over desktop icons). Now, you could be always enjoying your beautiful wallpaper. Hide Desktop Icon Texts You can remove the classic ugly text of desktop icons, optional, instead of a cool pop-up tooltip. The whole desktop will become neat

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Active Virtual Desktop 2.01: Virtual desktop manager which will create up to 9 desktops.

Active Virtual Desktop 2.01

desktops and move applications from one virtual desktop to another. Active Virtual Desktop allows you to have own wallpaper for each virtual desktop. Active Virtual Desktop features includes: you can create up to nine virtual desktops, own desktop wallpapers for each virtual desktop, each virtual desktop could have it`s own screen resolution, you can easy move windows from one virtual desktop to another with your mouse or hotkey, windows manager

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SE-DesktopApps 1.4.1: SE-DesktopApps is utility for organization and customization of desktop.

SE-DesktopApps 1.4.1

SE-DesktopApps is feature-rich application for desktop customization and organization. It lets to play media files with desktop player and organize desktop elements with quick launch panels which are placed on desktop as customizable gadgets. Application helps to manage your time with desktop clock event reminder and stopwatch for time measuring. Desktop background can be customizable according to gadgets color appearance.

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Virtual Desk 1.2: a desktop manager to create up to eight virtual desktops and switch among them

Virtual Desk 1.2

Desktop is a desktop manager to create many virtual desktops and switch among them. With Virtual Desktop, your computer has many virtual desktops, and each desktop has same screen size as the real screen, so it seems that your computer screen size is enlarged many times by the tool. You can organize your windows and put related windows into one desktop. For example, you can surf internet in desktop one, use desktop two to focus on writing some documents

wallpaper, desktop, multiple, screensaver, desktops, manager, virtual

Advanced Desktop Locker password protect your desktop and prevent people from accessing your desktop.

Advanced Desktop Locker

Desktop Locker allows you to create virtual desktop to prevent people from accessing your desktop icons and your private files, you can select from many virtual desktop and you can download more from our website for free. Advanced Desktop Locker prevent access to Task Manager, (CTRL+ALt+Del), (Alt+F4),.... When your Pc being locked to prevent people from closing the locker. You can lock your desktop by many virtual desktop types, you can use transparent

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1st Desktop Guard 3.01: Stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver.

1st Desktop Guard 3.01

desktop space. It will allow you to make your work faster and easier, with a few easy steps and will rid you of the hassles related to your desktop. You can save and restore all the desktop icon positions and if you or somebody else deletes an icon on the desktop, the program will restore it. If the desktop wallpaper has ever been changed, the program will restore it. The software can run in automatic mode, so that desktop is restored automatically

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Xilisoft Multiple Desktops A multi-desktop organizer and manager to create multiple virtual desktops

Xilisoft Multiple Desktops

Desktops, you can organize multiple virtual desktops on your computer and quickly switch between desktops with user-defined hotkeys. The multi-desktop manager lets you to create your own passwords to keep your workplace safe. All hotkeys and desktop displays are customizable. Key features: 1.Xilisoft Multiple Desktops gives you extra desktop room by creating and managing multiple virtual desktops. 2.Simply and quickly switch from one desktop to another

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DesktopMirror for Outlook Palm Desktop Synchronizes information between Palm Desktop and Outlook

DesktopMirror for Outlook Palm Desktop

DesktopMirror? - It is a simple and straight solution to sync Outlook and Palm Desktop. - You may sync data either in one-way or two-way. - DesktopMirror won`t delete information during the synchronization. Your data is safe. - DesktopMirror has smart duplicate checking mechanism that avoid generating duplicate records. - Fully compatible with the latest OS, Outlook and Palm Desktop (Windows 7, Outlook 2010, Palm Desktop 6.2.2) - DesktopMirror supports

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DesktopMirror Lotus Notes Palm Desktop 4.0.1: Synchronize information between Lotus Notes and Palm Desktop

DesktopMirror Lotus Notes Palm Desktop 4.0.1

Desktop. DesktopMirror sync Palm Desktop and Lotus Notes on the following data: - Palm Desktop Contacts and Lotus Notes Contacts - Palm Desktop Calendar and Lotus Notes Calendar - Palm Desktop Tasks and Lotus Notes Tasks It works exactly for you if you: - Want to keep information shared and up to date on Lotus Notes and Palm Desktop - Want to sync Palm mobile phones with Lotus Notes via Palm Desktop sync. - Want to sync mobile phones with Palm Desktop

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